Friday, March 06, 2020

The Riz Stuff

You might know that the actor Riz Ahmed is also a musician, but if you don't, uhh, he is. I am not lying to you. He's got a new album out today that's called The Long Goodbye, which you can buy here if you feel so inclined, and he's just released a music video slash short film for it also called The Long Goodbye, and since we haven't been able to see Riz act in anything in awhile -- it's been awhile since Venom came out and, well, it's best not to talk about what he was given to do with Venom -- we're down for this. Watch here:
Movie-wise Riz has his deaf shirtless drummer movie Sound of Metal coming out in August and then there's Mogul Mowgli, which sounds pretty personal for him at least in that he's playing a British Pakistani rapper in it -- that just premiered at Berlinale and there's an interview with him about it at this link that includes a couple of photos from the film as well.


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Jesus, that was intense. I tell myself that such an event couldn't really happen. Not in the real, modern Britain, not in today's multicultural Britain. It's what I prefer to think, so it must be true!