Friday, March 06, 2020

Jacob Elordi Fifteen Times

No, four months after the last Jacob Elordi post I still haven't found the time to watch Euphoria -- I'm hoping that I'll have some extra time now that I'm officially wrapping up my 2019 awards today, so perhaps I'll get to it soon... although the list grows longer every day. That said the below photos of Jacob in leather biker accoutrement with some insane Mad Max fetish high heels is grabbing my attention right now! (pics via)

Anyway I just saw that Jacob here is co-starring in Adrian Lyne's forthcoming erotic thriller Deep Water with Knives Out and about-to-be Bond Girl Ana de Armas and (ugh) Ben Affleck; hopefully he's playing a younger dudely sex object a la Olivier Martinez in Lyne's last film Unfaithful (hard to believe he hasn't made a movie since then!) because, well obviously that's the role he was born to play. Hit the jump for a dozen more photos...

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Anonymous said...

why does he wear a shirt at all