Monday, March 02, 2020

The Golden Trousers of 2019

Surprise! They're here! This week we're finally going to count down our favorite things of last year, the year that was 2019. This isn't any later than we usually get to them  -- 2018's edition of our Golden Trousers aka "The Pantys" came right about the same time as this, and those were actually earlier than normal. I think now that I get screeners and screenings I'm able to see as much as I want to in a slightly more officious manner. Anyway I'm more concerned with seeing all I want to see than I am anybody else's calendar -- I'm sure not looking to what the Academy Awards are for guidance, but you know that already. (Because I say it all the damn time.) But let's just get to it without posturing and posing ourselves as the coolest -- that should, you know, just be assumed. This week I will be posting at least one big list every day, starting in just a bit with the first portion of my favorite films of 2019. So stick around, suckas! Your 2019 Pantys have finally arrived...

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