Friday, March 06, 2020

Swallowing Austin Stowell

It's coming up on a year since I saw Carlos Mirabella-Davis' awesomely atmospheric and odd horror flick Swallow at Tribeca in 2019 (it's reviewed right here) and in that time I have posted about the movie, which blew me away, oh about three billion times. And once my review got quoted in the trailer, forget about it. Anyway the movie is finally out in theaters and on VOD -- you can rent it on Amazon right at this link right this very second! -- so this is me saying thanks for putting up with all the rambling by gifting you with a couple of disgustingly handsome photos of the film's male lead Austin Stowell.

That said you're not out of the woods just yet, as I've got a piece on the movie going up at The Film Experience later today -- Update: here it is at this link! -- because I just literally cannot help myself! And it might get even worse before it gets better because I'm seeing the movie in the theater tonight with the director and the incredible actress Haley Bennett there in person for a Q&A. (Follow me on Instagram, I'll surely post about it there.) In summation here is a photo that I just stumbled upon of Austin Stowell and three of his similarly over-dressed Catch-22 co-stars during the filming of George Clooney's gay fantasia just cuz...

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