Friday, March 06, 2020

I'm Wild For Goose

I've mentioned this a couple of times this week already -- see this post here for more specificity -- but this is quite literally an insanely rich week for new movie releases, including the release of two count them two movies that have quoted my reviews in their press campaigns. Seeing as how I've been quoted three times in my life, this feels a little momentous. One of those movies is Swallow, which I just posted about, and the other one is Yi'nan Diao's action thriller with style to spare The Wild Goose Lake, which stars the actor Hu Ge, seen in these photos. Really you should check out this post which has the trailer and poster for the film, and read my original review here; I just wanted to re-alert y'all to it being out here in New York at Film Forum today. And what better way than with several more Hu Ge photos after the jump...

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Dame James said...

Omg now THAT is a handsome man