Monday, March 09, 2020

Koko-di is Coming, As Is Koko-da

Last week I listed my 15 Favorite Horror Films of 2019, and at number six was a weird little Swedish movie that many of you have probably not heard of, much less seen, called Koko-di Koko-da, directed by Johannes Nyholm. I saw it thanks to the Brooklyn Horror Fest last year and reviewed it at this link -- it's hard to talk about without spoiling too much of its secrets and weirdness, and this is a very very weird movie, so we'll just say it involves the old trope of people going to the woods (in this case a married couple) and being confronted with something they were not prepared to be confronted by. Try to know no more than that if you're at all curious about the film -- it rewards going in blind, does it ever. 

Anyway I didn't know whether the film would be getting a proper U.S. release when I listed it as a 2019 film, but it turns out it is -- it's being released here in New York on March 27th at the IFC Center, and then on April 3 it will play Cinema Village, a week after that it hits Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn and on April 17 it will play in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Glendale. More cities from there are promised -- my point is I found this movie deeply unnerving and I highly recommend seeking it out, and keeping your antennae up for it. Horror movies this unsettling and memorable -- I can still remember the semi-hypnotic waking-nightmare state it slipped me into on first watch -- don't come across often enough.

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