Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Morning, World

I never got around to writing up my thoughts on several films I saw screened at FLC's "Rendezvous With French Cinema" series at the start of this month -- hey remember three weeks ago? -- because, well, you know, other things started taking over our minds at that point, and it got hard to write. It remains hard to write, as the site over the past two weeks of scarce content attests. Anyway one of the films I never got around to reviewing was Cédric Klapisch's romantic drama Someone, Somewhere starring your boy François Civil seen here. Civil was in two films at Rendezvous; I talked about the other one in my intro to this year's slate right here. (And you can see lots more of him in this great big gratuitous post I did last year, too.) The film's not out here in the US (not sure when or if that will happen) but I do believe it's streaming across the pond, so to those readers I say, it's a nice movie. Sweet, thoughtful and romantic. You could do worse for distracting yourselves for a couple hours from the world around... well, the world. Hit the jump for more gifs...

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