Saturday, March 28, 2020

Come For Petra & Stay For Satan

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, my favorite Rainer Werner Fassbinder film and a helluva good flick on the topic of Social Isolation, is going to play on TCM this weekend! Unless you're a nutty night owl you'll have to set your DVRs -- they're not showing it until 2:15am Sunday night / Monday morning (thx Mac) which is way past my bedtime. Especially now that I'm inside this apartment all the time -- don't know about you but I've been going to bed earlier every night. Anybody else?

Anyway it's not just the classic Petra that TCM's gifting us -- they're doing a Fassbinder double-feature with a much scarcer flick of his, Satan's Brew from 1976. Unlike Petra, which has gotten the fancy Criterion treatment (which funny enough I just bought a copy two days ago!), Satan's Brew remains woefully under-seen -- the DVD is out of print but you can watch it on Criterion Channel -- and not just because it's got Rainer leering at boyfriend Armin Meier with all the NSFW sleaze he can muster. It's maybe Fassbinder's weirdest movie, freewheeling and unhinged, and from what I recall very funny. You know... in that Fassbinder way. Which is to say not typically funny, but funny. Listen, just listen to me and watch it. Watch 'em both!

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schmiedepaul said...

Jason did you watch Veronika Voss in the meantime?
It's the only one I've seen (shame). This will change over the next few months, depending what's online.