Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Come and See That Portrait of a Lady

I think there are several movie-lovers who are shedding a tear or two over some good movie news today, among which I clearly count myself -- Criterion has gifted us with their announcement of new titles for the month of June, and it feels like a steadying ship to me anyway. If Criterion can put out Portrait of a Lady on Fire on blu-ray loaded with extra features, well, maybe we'll be okay eventually. Céline Sciamma's master-class in period lesbian romance (and my #4 favorite movie of last year) isn't all they promise us -- there's Paul Mazursky's An Unmarried Woman starring Jill Clayburgh, there's a 4K restoration of Kon Ichikawa's 1964 documentary about the Olympics Tokyo Olympiad, there's Buster Keaton's silent classic The Cameraman, and...

... there's Elem Klimov's devastating 1985 anti-war masterpiece Come and See, which has been touring a 2K restoration this year (I imagine that's, you know, stopped at this point) -- I reviewed it last month right here and it's harrowing, brutal, and absolutely necessary film-making, not to be missed. As long as you can handle it. But living in this world, I think we should all force ourselves to handle it. It's a vital experience, that film. Anyway you can check out everything on Criterion's site, and I'll of course update as they get closer.

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The Cameraman is very underrated. Buster was such a little cutie.