Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Robert Pattinson Two Times

Add these two to the expansive heap of Dior Homme photographs -- gathered at this link -- that Rob has gifted us with over the past month. We are thankful. I know this isn't our main priority -- food and shelter and you know not dying are-- these days, but there's probably a shortage of professionally photographed beefcake coming our way to top off this shit sundae we've been served. Not to add insult to our injuries, or rub salt in our wounds, et cetera. At least we've got seventeen years of archives here on MNPP to get us through, I s'pose. Feel free to click around -- there are all those tags listed on the side-bar of the site for a reason. Anyway I'm going to try to force myself into more of a proper schedule for my sanity's sake henceforth -- sitting around at home twiddling my thumbs isn't helping anybody -- so keep your eyes peeled for actual content soon. Hope everybody's doing alright.  

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