Wednesday, March 11, 2020

City en Scène #5

-- Washington Square Park -- 

I've always loved that old dude who is just sitting reading his newspaper next to the fountain in Washington Square Park as the world ends in Deep Impact. There are worse ways! Anyway I've talked about this many times here on the site, but I've always found great joy in Disaster Movies. You make a Disaster Movie and I'll go see your Disaster Movie and chances are I'll love it, even if I can in theory recognize it as shit. 

They're critical-thinking proof for me -- in fact sometimes the dumber the better. (I'm looking at you, San Andreas.) I suppose I could get some interest insight into myself were I to discuss this misanthropic proclivity with a psychologist, but where's the fun in that? City go boom! 

Anyway I just fell down a hole of watching Disaster Movie clips on YouTube, I suppose you can guess why, and there was a new feeling that came from them today, one that's probably even more disturbing were it analyzed -- one of comfort. Almost serenity. A giant wave obliterating my home, three years into a Trump Presidency, now sounds like a good deal. Seems about right.


Scott said...

"Almost serenity." Well put. I love the genre (yeah, even much of San Andreas) in part because of that - the combo of popcorn extravagance and a feeling that's almost relaxing.

Frank said...

If a wave taller than the World Trade Center was approaching, wouldn’t it be pushing an enormous volume of air in front of it? Those people in Washington Square would be blown away well before the water hit.