Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Who Wore It Best?

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I was just going to share the news that Mark Ruffalo might be starring in the proposed TV version of the Oscar winner Parasite (that project is so weird) but then I realized that photos of Mark at the Oscars this weekend were giving me strong "Oscar Isaac at the Oscars this weekend" vibes and lo, a poll was born. A special shout-out to Taika Waititi, who would've had this poll being a most blessed three-way if he hadn't gone and shaved his beard off and ruined everything...


par3182 said...

i went back and forth on this so long i think i broke my touchpad


Anonymous said...

As if the male uniform didn't make you look like a clone you have to mask your face too. Oscar Isaac looks so closeted and up his own ass to me and that beehive looking facial pubes is disgusting.