Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Pics of the Day

I was never gonna be patient with regards to that French Dispatch poster with its promises of a naked Timothee Chalamet this morning, but that impatience does require a second post on the same movie today -- and presumably a third tomorrow when the trailer will supposedly be dropping -- because The New Yorker just unleashed the first ten photos from the movie. And...

... it sure looks like a Wes Anderson Movie. (SHELVES!!!) I'm loving the midcentury drab color scheme though, the soft mustards of it all, and I'm fairly excited that a portion of the film appears to be in black and white. Also dig those Body Snatchers trees alongside Timmy and a stern-faced Fran McDormand...

Now we know what the deal with his scraggly mustache was, as well. It's Wes Anderson's fault! I won't share all of the photos here, you can see them all at the original link, but here's one more for good eye-pleasing measure, and make sure you click on these, the minute details are typically dazzling.

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