Friday, February 07, 2020

We All Go A Little Hardy Sometimes

I have no idea what that photo of Tom Hardy is all about so don't ask me. It appears to be circa Legend but, uhh, I don't recall any outfits like that in Legend. It's an appropriate representation of my mental state right now though, so it stays. Anyway a couple of things here on the precipice of the weekend, before the last hurrahs and hoorays of the Awards Season That Was are upon us. One, you should follow me on Twitter if you don't already since I'll no doubt find the time (and the booze) to live-tweet some of that shit. The boyfriend's outta town and I've got to entertain myself somehow. If you missed my list of happy Oscar thoughts from earlier click here

Secondly there are two movies newly out in theaters today that I have already recommended to you -- there is The Lodge with Riley Keough which I reviewed right here, and there is Come To Daddy with Elijah Wood which I reviewed right here. I recommend Riley's movie more, but Elijah's is fun. Riley's isn't "fun." It's depressing as hell, but really well done as such. I haven't seen this weekend's big movie Birds of Prey just yet but I've got tickets for Sunday so, you know, stay tuned. Or not! This world is eating us all alive, I get it.

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