Thursday, February 13, 2020

This is Hu Ge

The Chinese actor Hu Ge (seen above yes but you can see another nice photo from that shoot here) is the star of the film The Wild Goose Lake, which I saw and reviewed at NYFF last fall, and which is about to get a US release in just a couple of weeks. In anticipation of that release they've just dropped a poster and a trailer, and I talk them both up over at The Film Experience, if you care. 

And I think you should care cuz drumroll please I wormed one of my quotes onto the both of them! Both the trailer and the poster! This is my third trailer quote (see here and here for the previous ones) but this is my very first poster, and the nerdy kid who used to steal all of the posters from the video store I worked at and dream about just exactly this happening one day is real ecstatic about this one.

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