Monday, February 17, 2020

Run Not Walk

Have you seen the trailer for Run yet? The forthcoming HBO series, which premieres on April 12th, stars Merritt Wever (just recently seen being so fucking funny in Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story) and our second favorite ginger Domhnall Gleeson as former college sweethearts whose lives have moved on but who had some sort of pact where they'd drop everything they were living...

... if the other one texted them the word "Run" and hightail it to Grand Central to take off together on an unknown adventure. Besides starring those two stellar stars the series is executive produced by no less than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whose touch of brilliance is currently unsurpassed. (Bonus: she's also acting on the show for a couple of episodes according to IMDB.) Our bags are packed and we are so very there. (thx Mac)


The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

Who's our VERY favorite ginger?

Glenn said...

You had me at Merrit Wever because she's consistently brilliant, but this show has Phoebe Waller-Bridge too? Uhm, yes please, now please.