Friday, February 21, 2020

My Sense8 Sense is Tingling

I'm starting to actually feel bad for Miguel Angel Silvestre -- as much as one can feel bad for a man who just posted a photograph of himself looking like this this week -- because yet another member of the Wachowskis Sense8 cast just got added to their fourth Matrix movie, and it ain't him. Yes I speak of recently announced same-sexer Brian J. Smith, pictured here (see more from this shoot he did alongside that announcement at this link) -- sure there are other Sense8 cast-members who've been left in the cold but in case you are new to MNPP Miguel's my fave, so his absence particularly stings my soul. I'd add "not to take anything away from Brian here" but I've just spent this entire post talking about not him, so that'd probably be hypocritical at this point. Oh well. Congrats to Brian though! There's no word on his character, since the Wachowskis are keeping everything real mum. Well they're doing excellent casting in that respect since this bunch is well proven at keeping secrets...

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