Monday, February 24, 2020

Little Shop of S&M Dentist Fantasies

Deadline is reporting that no less than Captain America himself Mr. Chris Evans is in talks to play the sadistic dentist "Orin Scrivello" in the new musical movie version of Little Shop of Horrors, which is being directed by Love Simon's Greg Berlanti. Yes that's the Steve Martin role in the original, and yes this is the same remake that is also supposedly circling muscle-twink Taron Egerton to play the nebbishy Seymour -- I kind of want to make fun of Greg Berlanti for being such a gay with this casting but who am I kidding?

What sort of hypocrite would that make of me? Anyway I would ask if Chris can sing but it's not terribly important with this role, Steve Martin kind of screamed the whole song and it was still charming as fuck. And you can't tell me you don't want to see Chris Evans strap Taron Egerton to a chair and go to town on his mouth. On that note hit the jump for a few more pics I don't think I've posted before...

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