Monday, February 24, 2020

A Special Night

I mentioned this on Twitter but perhaps you're a smart person who avoids Twitter like the plague, in which case I will now mention it here -- Turner Classic Movies, aka the only reason I still have cable, is screening Ettore Scola's 1977 film A Special Day with maybe-you-heard-of-em Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni tonight. I think at 10pm. The film's notable from where I stand because Mastroianni plays gay in it -- it's about Mussolini's targeting of homosexuals during WWII, and has the stars playing neighbors who meet for the first time when they both stay home during a parade celebrating the union of Mussolini and Hitler. Presumably he opens her housewife character's eyes to some scary ways of the outside world.
I've never seen the movie, but Mastroianni was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor that year, a rare enough occurrence -- a performance not in English getting U.S. attention -- that it seems worth a look. Not to mention it's got an actor I always think of as a big time ladies man, in a stereotypically macho country, playing gay in 1977. That seems worth a look as well. 


joel65913 said...

It's not perfect but overall a lovely film and those two always have a wonderful chemistry together.

Chip Chandler said...

I set my TiVo to record it just because I knew he was an Oscar nominee -- the gay content is a happy surprise

Anonymous said...

Watched the first 30 mins and then hit record (had to go to bed because i'm old) but I enjoyed what I saw!