Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Let's Take Eric Bana For a Spin

Whoopsie I shot this load of news on Twitter last night and then totally forgot to do a post about it until just now -- Eric Bana is making a movie! As far as I'm concerned, yes even here in 2020, that is always worth a mention. And I do mean he is "making" the movie -- he's co-writing and co-directing, on top of starring in, a biopic of the famous world champion motorcycle racer Mike "The Bike" Hailwood; specifically the time he returned to racing after a decade off to run the infamously dangerous "Isle of Man race" in 1978. 

And I know I was literally just bitching about hating Ford v Ferrari, another boring racing movie -- racing is my least favorite of all the sports -- but one thing that movie didn't have which this one very well might is Eric Bana wearing an unzipped leather jumpsuit with a bunch of gold chains draped down his bare chest, and that, that, that right there makes all of the difference, my friends. (pics via)

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