Thursday, January 23, 2020

Welcome to the Team, Rob

These are a couple of days ancient now -- the internet turns over so fast! -- but Monday night brought us our Team Experience Awards over at The Film Experience, where all of us who contribute to that site -- save our dear leader Nathaniel -- vote on our faves of the previous year. We did real good, I think! I also think you can see my influence for a change in them, which is nice -- we're a small enough group (unlike the Dorians, which I also voted for) that things I advocate vociferously for like Robert Pattinson for Best Actor for The Lighthouse can slip through. 

(You can slip through anytime, Rob.) But not small enough that somehow Rob's co-star Willem Dafoe couldn't? I don't know. Anyway our prizes are way better than the Oscar nominations -- just look at that director line-up and admit it, we rule. Anyway let us celebrate Rob's Best Actor nomination with these new Dior photos that popped up this week whilst I was off coughing myself to death, shall we? Hooray! (See more back here.)

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