Thursday, January 23, 2020

Happy For Sorry Angel and Such

Oh wait, in the words of Master Yoda -- there is another! No sooner should I just share with you a link to the Team Experience Awards for 2019 over at The Film Experience (which I voted on) should another thing I voted on pop right up. This time it's the 2019 Jim Ridley Film Poll at the Nashville Scene, which is run by MNPP friend Jason Shawhan -- Jason gathers up an assortment of dare-I-say excellent critical voices (I see you, Final Girl Stacie Ponder!) and asks us a bunch of questions, and if you click on over you'll see our answers as well as our Top 25 films of 2019. Another excellent batch, I think. Among several subjects I also got to talk a little about Sorry Angel, pictured here, which I'll take any opportunity to do.


Anonymous said...

The book that A Perfect Nanny is based upon is AMAZING! Nothing classy, just class hatred pouring off a hardworking nanny going nuts

Dale M. said...

I am in love with Jean Dujardin, so when I was in Montreal recently I went to see Deerskin, even though it wasn't subtitled and I don't speak French. Regardless, I loved the movie. It's weird and creepy and even a little sad. Can't wait till it opens here in March so I can finally understand what was being said!