Monday, January 20, 2020

There's Nothing Like Lynch

The most important David Lynch news of today, David Lynch's 74th birthday, is that there is a brand new (to most of us anyway) David Lynch short film on Netflix right now. Right at this link. I could tell you that it has David Lynch interrogating a monkey about murder, but why ruin the fun? And a new work by the greatest living filmmaker should be enough impetus to clicking anyway. 

The second most important David Lynch news of today is that I did a post on one of my favorite David Lynch scary scenes -- maybe my most favorite? -- over at The Film Experience this afternoon, and you can read it at this link. It's not nearly as important as that first important thing, but it made me happy anyway. That's something.

1 comment:

AE said...

Me, clicking: "please let it be the dumpster lady OH YES"