Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Good Morning, World

In 1995 Jude Law made a name for himself strutting around the Broadway stage wearing nothing but the full Jude Law in a show called Indiscretions. I've posted pictures from that show before, although none as high quality as this one seen here today (via, click to embiggen) so... that's a treat. We love treats. Anyway a heads-up -- I'm sick, sick as a lowdown dog, and you'll have to make due with that treat for the day I think, as I think I'm not getting off my couch. Jude will see us through. ETA oh my, look at these two extra bonus shots from this show that've just been brought to my attention:


Anonymous said...

He really is one of the most beautiful men ever !

Peggy said...

This must be the English production because that girl can't be Cynthia Nixon, right?