Thursday, January 30, 2020

Quote of the Day

There's a fantastic new chat with our hero Paul Reubens up at THR today, which has him broaching the long-gestating and rumored subject of his so-called "Dark Pee-wee Movie" which has our favorite bow-tied wunderkind falling into a Valley of the Dolls-esque nightmare parable of drug addiction and Hollywood woe. I know, I know, it sounds weird, but I can also totally picture it -- and who didn't think a kiddie cartoon land of talking Pterodactyls and gay jokes sounded weird in the 80s? The 90s? Now??? It's best not to doubt Paul Reubens is my point. 

There's a lot of info in here -- apparently Reubens and Judd Apatow clashed some over the making of 2013's Pee-wee's Big Holiday, as Paul says his problem was mainly he wanted to make his dark movie and Apatow did not, and the lighter film was a compromise. I don't care, I love Holiday -- read my review here. I'll take my Pee-wee any which way I can get him. Here's a choice bit from this new chat as to where things stand now though:

"Reubens, now more than ever, still wants to make his Valley of the Dolls Pee-wee movie, even if nobody else does. According to several well-placed sources, he's been aggressively shopping the Pee-wee Herman Story script around town and has agreed to make the movie for $15 million, half the budget of Big Holiday. Apatow still isn't interested and Sarandos passed on the project for Netflix, saying it "doesn't check off all the boxes" of a Pee-wee movie, according to a source with knowledge of the exchange. Undeterred, Reubens approached the Safdie brothers, the sibling-director wunderkinds behind Uncut Gems, who are considering the project."

I might not have loved Uncut Gems like most did but I still have plenty of good will left for the Safdies thanks to Good Time, which I did love very very much, so I say let's mount a campaign and harass them into acquiescence. The thought of them making a Pee-wee movie lights my wig on fire! That's a positive thing. I think it's an incredible idea. And I'll scream just that at Paul Reubens from the audience when I see his live tour with Pee-wee's Big Adventure in a few weeks.

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