Monday, January 06, 2020

Quote of the Day

Congrats to The Hobbit and Hannibal actor (and one-time companion, ahem, of Lee Pace) Richard Armitage for at last turning the long rumored page in his new interview with the Telegraph -- you've got to subscribe to them to read the full interview but I'll give you the choice bit:

"Speculation has swirled for years about Armitage’s sexuality, so I approach the question cautiously, but… would he like to have a family of his own? ‘I would need to do it in a way which was either through adoption or surrogacy, because of the nature of my relationship,’ he says, with remarkable candour. ‘I’d have to sit down very pragmatically and work it out.’ He is in a relationship, he confirms, ‘a good one’, though he isn’t keen to say more about it. And though I have no wish to press him further on the subject, he returns to it himself, later. ‘I think the turning point was losing my mum,’ he says. ‘Up until that point, I felt like I mustn’t put a foot wrong, that if I said the wrong thing or revealed too much about my personal life, it could all come crashing down, and it would come down on my parents, and they wouldn’t be proud of me anymore.’ He shrugs. ‘Now that I’m past that I’m actually much more carefree about the choices I make.’"
Now he can play the father in the Fun Home movie!

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