Monday, January 06, 2020

George Mackay Three Times

Per usual when it comes to Awards Shows there were a lot of highs at last night's Golden Globes -- Michelle Williams' speech! Tim Cook getting told he exploits labor! -- and a lot of lows -- basically everything else Ricky Gervais sneered! -- but the show ended on a note of grace, i.e. me getting to finally see 1917 star George Mackay in his tux. Would I personally award 1917 the top prize? Um, no. Is it an abomination? Um, no. Don't forget -- Joker could have won!

1917 is pretty good, and any anti- narrative that forms is pure Awards Season blather meant to push forward that person's faves. But tis the season, I s'pose. I feel good and left out of this year's arguments -- what's new -- since my faves ain't getting nominated for shit, which gives me all this moderate minded wisdom, see? Anyway you can read our Georgie boy's interview with GQ UK, which is where these photos come from, right here. I'm hoping there are more photos forthcoming since he wears this white sweater real well...

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