Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Like a Rolling Timmy

Oh blather, I'm not at all excited about Timothée Chalamet's newly announced project! You slap this upside my ambivalence about Jake Gyllenhaal's latest which I went into yesterday and this has been a real grumbling week from MNPP already -- what's next, Florence Pugh plays my eternal enemy Jane Wyman in a bio-pic? (NO IDEAS, HOLLYWOOD.) 

Anyway back to Timmy -- he's going to play Bob Dylan (aka one of my least favorite musicians) for director James Mangold (not one of my faves either -- Ford v Ferrari was like slow death for me) in a thing called Going Electric. As if you couldn't already see the whole movie in your head from that title, it's about Dylan switching from folk to rock and all the poetry-sniffing hippies losing their drug-addled brains about it. Gosh I can't wait! Maybe I can play an unwashed extra wearing a beanie who hisses "Sell out!" at the stage but who can be seen grooving to the beat by the end, having embraced the new electronic future wholeheartedly thanks solely to Bob Dylan's genius. (Retch.)

Anyway all this tinkling about by Timmy on the career standard projects -- a gritty Shakespeare adaptation, check; a drug addict drama, check; a real life legendary musician, check; a big special-effects extravaganza, check -- is fine to kill the time, but come 2022 aka five years after Call Me By Your Name I best hear stirrings of more Elio in the world....


Brad said...

Timothée Chalamet deserves a best supporting actor nomination for Little Women.


Unknown said...