Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Homme Oh

Yesterday I told you to go over to The Film Experience if you wanted Oscar Chatter since I probably wasn't going to have much to say on that exact front -- well that turned out to be not entirely true and also very true all at once, because Nathaniel at TFE did manage to squeeze a couple of opinions out of me for a couple of Team Experience questionnaires on the nominations. Click here to read what I and my fellows thought got snubbed the worst, and click here to read what made us the happiest and what we thought both the best and the worst overall categories were. As if Rob up there didn't clue you in I just took it as a chance to blather more about The Lighthouse since, I don't know if you heard, I like it. But in related Rob news...

... spit on me, Rob. Ahem. What was I talking about? Oh so there's apparently a new Dior Homme commercial starring fashionista fave Rob that's about to drop, but all I'm seeing so far are gifs (via), no video. Once I find video I will post video. Oh will I ever post video.

ETA oh wait we have video! That didn't take long. Rob's fans took about point five seconds to get the link to me on Twitter -- he's got the most friendly enthusiastic fans on all of the internet, I swear. Here it is:
And since we have video I went ahead and made more gifs,
you can, and you will, now hit the jump for them all...

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was completely turned off by him during the Twilight-movies era. But in recent years, after watching his A-grade performances, I have fallen in love with him, not just for his acting but his charisma and looks. Talk about a 180-degree change in perspective!