Friday, January 24, 2020

Good Morning, World

Guy Ritchie's film The Gentlemen is out in theaters today and watching it earlier this week I thought a lot about Tom Hardy's openly gay gangster character in RockNRolla -- somebody who cares about Guy Ritchie (i.e. not me) should probably write a piece about homosexuality in Ritchie's glam-butch testosterone world of tough-talkers who're are to a tee absolutely obsessed with faggotry. The Gentlemen has Hugh Grant leering and groping at Charlie Hunnam for most of its run-time, which, I mean, I feel that. I do. But at times I think the movie flirts with making Grant's sexuality a defect in itself? It's hard to tell sometimes where the aggressiveness of the character's world ends and the point of view of the filmmaker ends, is my point. Even when Grant's not on screen there's an air, a mist, a miasma, of gay panic about. I do suppose all y'all who go to see the movie this weekend can tell me what you think on that subject. I will say that Charlie looks mighty grab-able in the role though... 

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