Monday, December 09, 2019

Yahya Abdul-Mateen Two Times

I realized today I haven't posted nearly enough here on the site about the astonishment that is HBO's Watchmen series -- at least not since we got to stare at Jake McDorman's black-and-white buns a couple of weeks ago -- but I also realized this as I've spent all day today avoiding spoilers for last night's episode, since it's the first one I haven't been able to watch the night of. So nobody spoil last night's episode, please! I'm going to try to watch it tonight. I know Yahya figures in heavily already, so I offer these old photos of him (via) as a distraction. And you can click here to see plenty more photos that we've posted of this big fella in the past.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of his big fella.

Jason Adams said...

LOL yeah I've had that spoiled for me -- I use that phrase on purpose, Anon ;)

Aquinas1220 said...

I'm coming to the conclusion that Watchmen is going to go down as one of the best shows I've seen this decade. It's SO DAMN AMAZING