Monday, December 09, 2019

Mindhunter Enters Matrix

Even though I'm not entirely sure we need another Matrix movie -- those last two remain a slog, I don't care what the re-writers of cinemania have to say about it -- I am real glad that we've got the Wachowskis heading back on the big screen, and not just because their patented brand of big-budget bonkers is always worth a look-see. What else is so special is how much queerness they've made it their mission to infiltrate mainstream entertainment with, and today's new Matrix cast-member -- it's our boyfriend Jonathan Groff, in case the gigantic photo above didn't make that clear already -- is just another gay ass bonafide in a career now overflowing with 'em. We're blessed to have Lana and Lilly out there doing the work, y'all. Now they just need to have a Sense8 sex cluster show up and fuck Groff's brains out at some point mid-film. (Yes Miguel, I am talking to you!) I'd pay to see that in bullet time!


Anonymous said...

By the way, what's the movie on the header banner?

Jason Adams said...

It's called Sorry Angel, anon