Saturday, December 14, 2019

Should Pale Death, With Treble Dread...

On Tuesday I shared with you a new featurette for Robert Egger's grand high flick The Lighthouse, aka my favorite movie of 2019, and I told you I'd update y'all with the info once I had it for the forthcoming blu-ray release -- well, in the immortal words of Valerie Cherish, I got it! You can pre-order the blu-ray at this link -- it hits the street and the lobster pot on January 7th! The disc will have deleted scenes and a commentary track from Eggers himself. So slide into your hip boots and buy it, ye wenches.

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Anonymous said...

Probably the most fun I had in a movie theater all year. But then weirdly I didn't really feel much afterwards. It doesn't really stay with you longer than that initial buzz of oh wow what a ride. I loved so much about it at the time - I swear I could smell the sea while viewing - but I just wasn't emotionally stirred by it.