Monday, December 16, 2019

Real Men Do Smile

My first thought watching this new preview of Henry Cavill's The Witcher series for Netflix... well the first one after I scoured it for shirtless shots of course... is that ol' sexist chestnut that girls get tossed at them all the time -- he needs to smile more. In all seriousness though this character looks like he's got the same Manly Grimace going in every single shot. 

And it's the same Manly Grimace that Henry's Superman wore too. And like with Zack Snyder's deservedly maligned films this look just gets cartoonish at a certain point -- it's way too Try Hard. We know you have a nice smile to go along with those nice pecs, Henry. Use it. That said this thing is giving me a real Xena & Gabrielle feel with Henry's "camaraderie" with that traveling twink of his...

... so maybe the show will have its weird pleasures, 
testosterone grimaces aside. We'll see when it drops on Netflix 
this very Friday! Here's the new footage:


Duda said...

Have you seen James Wolk in Dr. Manhattan underwear yet? Spoiler alert: he is hot as fuck. Please post some gifs! We all know you love him. Too bad he didn't bare it all. I kept waiting for it until he joked about it. But still soooo hot!

Anonymous said...

Off. Cavill is always hot AF but he really should not be a blonde.

Anonymous said...

Who decided on the long hair :(