Monday, December 02, 2019

Good Morning, Naked Nicky

Y'all remember how last Tuesday I posted the trailer for Justin Kurzel's crazy-looking and gorgeously-cast True History of the Kelly Gang and I said, and I quote, that "There's no glimpse of [Nicholas Hoult wearing nothing but sock garters] just yet but obviously they're gonna save the big money-shot for when it count"...? Because we'd heard that was a thing when the movie screened in Toronto? Well I was wrong, I can admit when I'm wrong, because they didn't save it for all that long -- there is a glimpse! My god. Here's the full image:

(via, thx Anon; click to embiggen) This movie looks so beautiful already, and I'm not even meaning the cinematically underrepresented fetish gear strapped to Nicky's calves. That appears to be co-star George Mackay on the sofa beside him too, and no, I cannot wait for this movie either. They get it in Australia in January -- no word for us poor un-Aussies just yet. Anyway in related news another trailer besides the first one I shared has been floating around this week and it includes a blurry hint more Naked Charlie Hunnam flopping buns-first onto a bed than the previous one showed, if you stare long enough to sort of which body part is which anyway...

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