Thursday, October 03, 2019

This Gang's Got Bang

I am always excited when Snowtown and Macbeth director Justin Kurtzel has a new movie coming out -- yeah okay sure Assassin's Creed was his last one and it was awful, but did you guys SEE those two other movies I mentioned? Every director's allowed a misfire, especially when they try to wrestle ye olde infernal video-game monster to the ground, Fassbender or no along for the flop.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is I was excited about True History of the Kelly Gang before I heard that there's a scene where Nicholas Hoult wears nothing but sock-garters. I really was! But these two new images from the movie, of Hoult's co-stars George MacKay -- our big gratuitous post about George was the first time we mentioned this movie at all -- and Charlie Hunnam below, are even more of a thrill. I mean not "more" than imagining Nicholas Hoult in only sock-garters. Nothing's more thrilling than imagining Nicky in only sock-garters. But these costumes are promising a thrill themselves!

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Anonymous said...

apparently as a bonding excersise they all fucking wrote and performed a punk album somewhere in Australia (probably someplace where people could care less) When Dev Patel finds a girlfriend in your hometown and you miss Charlie Hunnam and Nic Hoult doing a gig, one does really feel the need to get out more.