Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Harder For Idris

How in the almighty heck did I never see that still from Hobbs & Shaw before Hobbs & Shaw came and went this summer? Wanna know how you would have gotten me to go see Hobbs & Shaw this summer? Show me that still before it came out, that's how. Oh well. Your fault, Hobbs & Shaw, that I still have never seen a single Fast & Furious movie. By the way...
... we're pretending there is no such thing as a Cats movie, so you're not going to see coverage of that here. Look elsewhere for your Cats coverage! No I'm here because Idris has signed on for a real exciting project this week. He's going to be the bad guy in an all-black western called Harder (I can see all of my pun play stretching endlessly towards the horizon with that title) that will co-star The Last Black Man in San Francisco actor Jonathan Majors; we fell deeply for him in that tremendous movie -- see our previous post on Majors here, and our review of that film here. We're more excited tos ee Majors in another something than we are to see Idris in chaps and y'all know how we feel about Idris in chaps...

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Pierce said...

If you go back to 1995, Idris Elba plays Hilton in the Sex episode of Absolutely Fabulous. He has a very funny moment with his tongue, too. I hear the title Hobbs and Shaw and it makes me think of Calvin and Hobbs.