Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Good Morning, World

I considered making these gifs of Armie Hammer in Wounds in black-and-white to further decontextualize them from the What's What of What's Happening in this scene (spoiler alert: it's gross) but I think they're edited well enough that that's not necessary. And there are what, like five of us who've bothered seeing Wounds anyway? Granted the percentage of people who visit MNPP and the people who'd watch Wounds is higher than most sites -- if you drew one of them there Venn Diagrams there'd be a lotta lap. But that also makes us sturdier folk. Right? Anyway I reviewed Wounds last week, we probably don't need to talk about Wounds again after these gifs are done and posted. (Okay I do still want to memorize Dakota Johnson's wonderfully bitchy lines, so that's not entirely true.)

ETA by request a couple more after the jump
(I'd somehow forgotten about this scene already):


AxFromMN said...

Love me a hairy Hammer

Anonymous said...

No gif of him all sweaty and lying down in his jeans? :(

Jason Adams said...

Anon -- I just added some! I can't believe I'd forgotten that scene

Anonymous said...

That hairy arm pit gif is doing something to me

Please let’s show men at their hairiest and not ask actors to shave or trim

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, Archie won't do that to his fans. They tried to make him for Mirror, Mirror and he refused. If I remember right, some lines in the script had to be altered because of it.