Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Florian David Fitz Nine Times

It's kind of weird to see the German actor Florian David Fitz without his constant (nude) companion writer-director-actor-nudist Matthias Schweighöfer after they spent most of the past, uhh, two years I think, promoting their comedy film 100 Things (and we spent just as much time posting about it). That movie still hasn't been released here in the US, although you can buy a differently-regioned DVD from abroad, one that naturally features them naked on its cover because what else is that movie. 

But I guess he's still a hit in Germany since GQ's put him on their "Men of the Year" cover (via), and especially we're grateful for it since it comes with a photoshoot that all about mustaches, half-off sweaters, and leather pants. Those are literally 73% of our favorite things! Hit the jump for the rest...

ETA you'll want to click here for one I missed, too...


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From GQ Deutschland website: