Thursday, October 03, 2019

This Monkey Business Again

I kind of don't even know what more to say about HBO slash BBC's forthcoming long-form adaptation of the His Dark Materials books at this point -- we've already gotten a few trailers, I'm just here to share the latest one, and I've raved like an expectant madman so many times already... usually I have plenty of such madness to go around but it's hitting the end of the day and I've got enough other immediate stuff to be excited about just now, so I feel like setting this enthusiasm on a back burner. I'll let it singe off my eyebrows closer to the November 4th release. Until then!

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Rebecca said...

This looks interesting - but, I will say, as someone who is a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda as a pop culture figure & writer/creator, I am very skeptical of his screen acting ability.