Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Shelves As High & Wide As Heaven

You guys know me -- do you think I shat myself when I saw that shot of somebody's Manhattan apartment while watching the new doc The Booksellers or what? (I'm tempted to ask that as a poll but the answer is clearly "shat" so why bother, besides psychosis.) The film's about the art of collecting and selling books in NYC and it's played NYFF this week and I just reviewed it over at The Film Experience -- once I got myself some fresh shorts anyway. Is it too early in the day for pooping jokes? I never know. Anyway if you don't know me and my bookshelf fetish I recommend click here on this link, it'll give you a good idea. There were so many times watching this doc that I just fucking gasped, you have no idea.

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Johnnie said...

My favorite shelf fetish moment is when Detective Kinderman is looking for the exorcism rites in The Exorcist III.