Monday, October 21, 2019

Quote of the Day

So I saw Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse aka my favorite film of 2019 a third time last night -- here's my review in case you missed it -- and you guys, you guys, my love for this movie is multiplying like particularly horny bunny rabbits or religious people do. Every frame is kerosene and my eyes the match -- my heart is on fire. Each time through more echoes and images reveal themselves -- I'm not saying I'm going to see this in the theater as many times as I saw Call Me By Your Name two years back but I'm sure gonna try to make it to the theater a couple more times before it leaves since this thing demands Big Screen attention. 

I'd like to add that both times I've seen the film at public screenings (the first time was with critics, who tend to keep quiet) the audience gets really into it -- I was the only person laughing at that critic's screening but that hasn't been the case with general folks, who enthusiastically embrace its humor. This is a very funny movie! 

It's also a very gay movie, which I made my entire review about, but thankfully Matt Jacobs at HuffPo was able to speak to Eggers and his two leading men and get them on the record about a bunch of this stuff -- only read this if you've seen the film yourself but if so click on over to hear the boys opine on all things seaman and the like. Here's a choice non-spoilery bit from Rob Pattinson:

"I was pretty conscious of how I wanted the relationship to come across. In a lot of ways, he sort of wants a daddy."

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Anonymous said...

Robert Pattinson has one of the (if not THE) most compelling face in film today, and I don't mean beauty or hotness of sex appeal. I've thought for a while (before the astounding The Lighthouse) that he looks like someone out of a silent movie. While watching High Life recently, it came to me that someone should cast him as Budter Keaton. Too tall of course, but what do you think?