Monday, October 07, 2019

In the Tall Grass in 150 Words or Less

Perfect in that neatly disposable way that Netflix Originals seem to have settled into -- Vincenzo Natali's In the Tall Grass feels like an above average feature-length Twilight Zone episode, which is totally more of a compliment than an insult but maybe not one hundred percent flattering either. Natali's Cube film had that same kind of vibe, although Grass is less revelatory and way less fun that that movie ended up being. 

What In the Tall Grass does have going for it is an appealing group of characters -- led by a be-stached and beefcaked-up Patrick Wilson hamming it up in all the best of ways -- a puzzle worth unlocking, and a dedication to hitting its dark marks; it doesn't pull its punches, and Natali per usual drums up some real gorgeous awfulness, visually speaking. (The man did shoot a bunch of Hannibal episodes, after all.) It's a fine time!


Anonymous said...

Patrick Wilson resembled Paul Newman in this movie.


Anonymous said...

Stay away from this movie! It tried to be clever and terrifying but failed miserably on both counts.

Aquinas1220 said...

The first 30 minutes were quite good. By the end it was pretty over-the-top awful