Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Good Morning, World

If you're familiar with like five percent of the bullshit I've spouted here on MNPP for fifteen years now you can probably put together enough to know that the television phenomenon Glee was never gonna be my bag, and sure enough you'd be right. And yet here we are and it's 2019 and I'm posting pictures of Chord Overstreet. 

I don't know. Blame Flaunt Magazine and the photographer Jonny Marlow, who gifted us with this incredibly flattering new photoshoot. I guess he makes music or something? There's a video on their site too but life's too short, I'll stick with the pictures, thanks. Speaking of hit the jump...

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Anonymous said...

i saw the fourth pic first and thought youd stumbled onto Sexy Alexander England (aka elizabeth debickis bf) but chord and his abs aint too shabby either.