Monday, October 14, 2019

Glen Takes Flight

I guess Glen Powell really liked his time in (and out) a flight suit for the Top Gun sequel because he's just signed on for another stint in uniform -- he's going to star in Devotion, a "harrowing true story" biopic about a pair of Korean War fighter pilots who are apparently known as "the U.S. Navy’s most famous aviator duo." Powell will play "Lieutenant Tom Hudner" while they'll be have to be casting a black actor for his partner "Ensign Jesse Brown," who was the Navy’s first black carrier pilot. Here's what they really looked like:

Y'all know I think Powell is attractive, obviously given how much I've posted about that, but that real life dude might actually be better looking than the movie star this time around? Anyway the film will be based on the 2014 book by Adam Makos -- who do we think should play Brown? It's a shame David Oyelowo is too old, I can totally see him in that picture above. I'd also say Jason Mitchell but I think his career's pretty cooked after those assault allegations. Ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Take Your Pick...I would say an up-and-coming actor...No too famous or well known but someone who would make you think "Who is that?"