Thursday, October 03, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Enemy (2013)

Anthony: Control, it's all about control. Every dictatorship has one obsession and that's it. In ancient Rome they gave the people bread and circuses. They kept population busy with entertainment but other dictatorships used other strategies to control ideas, the knowledge... how do they do that? Lower education, they limit culture, censor information, they censor any means of individual expression and it is important to remember this, that this is a pattern, that repeats itself throughout history.

Now them's some timely words, eh? Anyway a happy 52nd birthday to the director Denis Villeneuve today -- not only did he give us Twin Jakes (in my favorite movie of his to date) but he's about to give us Timothée as the fair queen of Spice World with his big-budget Dune movie. Shouldn't we be getting some Dune shit soon, now that they've finished shooting? Maybe next week when Timmy's King drops in actual theaters (before hitting Netflix on November 1st) they'll ride the PR wave and give us a first look some place. Dare to dream! In related here's a shot of Timmy on today's red carpet for a King premiere looking mighty sparkly:

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