Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Alvin: You don't think about getting old
when you're young... you shouldn't.
Steve: Must be something good about gettin' old?
Alvin: Well I can't imagine anything good about
being blind and lame at the same time but, still
at my age I've seen about all that life has to dish out.
I know to separate the wheat from the chaff,
and let the small stuff fall away.
Rat: That's cool, man. So, uh, what's the
worst part about being old, Alvin?
Alvin: Well, the worst part of being old
is remembering when you was young.

A happy 20 to David Lynch's wonderful and lovely and least Lynchian movie, and yet another modern classic from that astonishing year named 1999. This movie actually came out on the same day as David Fincher's Fight Club, a film I've prattled on and on and onnnn about over the years just plenty -- better to let this love letter to Richard Farnsworth's low-key charm have a moment to shine, I think. But no need to come to blows -- we love you too, Tyler Durden...

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