Saturday, October 26, 2019

13 Cakes of Halloween #8


I can hardly do a list of notable cakes in horror films and not highlight the fresh horror franchise so obsessed with that exact thing that its first poster was cake and nothing but. I don't know if we'll get a third film to make a proper trilogy of Tree (Jessica Rothe) being cursed to live and die and live and die and live and die and live and die looped around her fucked-up birthday shenanigans or not, but the series' two movies, 2017's Happy Death Day and this year's Happy Death Day 2U, are absolutely way more fun than they have any right to be.

And the cake is actually central to the plot! I can't really talk about why without being too spoilery (and these movies are recent enough that I'd like to avoid that), but this isn't just a drive-by caking -- Tree's birthday cupcakes are the reason for this particular season.

Not only do we get a reenactment of the famous final scene from Sixteen Candles with Tree's own cute boy -- although Israel Broussard, who turned out to be a racist pig, is never gonna be any generation's Jake Ryan -- but we also get Multiple Murders By Cupcake. Take that, Final Destination.

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