Thursday, October 24, 2019

13 Cakes of Halloween #6


I was insistent on using American Psycho's opening credits as one of our "13 Cakes of Halloween" posts yesterday even though it's not precisely a "cake" we see there because I wanted to build from that to today's post, which is looking at the opening sequence of Lamberto Bava's wonderful 1985 Demons sequel, one of my favorite pieces of nonsensical 80s Eurotrash cinema, and which uses basically the same gag. But with actual cake!

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for this strange extended opening sequence here -- the cake isn't the thing that possesses anybody a few scenes from now when we see this woman Sally having her big birthday bash; it's just a damned birthday cake! 

Although I suppose the cake does have a role to play, as birthday girl Sally is in her bedroom in the process of being possessed by malignant puss-spewing devils through her television set (I tell you, this movie rules) as the party-goers party and light candles in the other room, and when they turn the lights off to sing her "Happy Birthday" by said candle-light it's what allows the demon-possessed Sally to get the sneak on them all.

How dare I doubt Lamberto Bava's mad master plan.

PS Sweets will fuck your teeth up, yo.

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