Wednesday, October 23, 2019

13 Cakes of Halloween #5

Today's Cake from our "Scary Cakes!" series isn't actually truly and entirely a "cake" per se. But I always think it's going to be a cake which is close enough because who's the goddamned blogger here? Stop questioning my tactics. Anyway I speak of the legendary opening credits for Mary Harron's 2000 masterpiece American Psycho of course, which seamlessly meld together Patrick Bateman's outlandish foodie tendencies with his outlandishier homicidal ones -- it's basically the entire film in miniature, sans ass.

The first surprise we have watching these credits is that it's not blood we're seeing be vigorously drizzled across a blank white background but rather a delicious looking raspberry sauce. That said I'd say there's a second surprise and that is that the raspberries and the sauce are being dropped onto a hunk of meat. Nope, nothing symbolic about that switcheroo! But people eat raspberry sauce on meat? I mean I'm the person at Thanksgiving who avoids the Cranberry Sauce like it's Frothing Cyanide so perhaps I'm not the person to blog about this, but ewww. No.

That said as the sequence continues the spectacle of cuisine we're privy to gets a little bit more dessert-ish (and I love that giallo-ish black glove) -- I suppose it's obscene to call that meringue swan with strawberry back feathers a "cake" exactly, but this deliciously obscene film calls for such deranged mergers, no? Whatever. Just watch the entire opening sequence below, which is a little slice of heaven itself:

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